I discovered ourselves already broken

EunHae! <3

This cold night street
These heartbreaking footsteps
Some day, it’ll all pass
Memories of us crazily in love
It will slowly flow down
Forgotten with time

I tried going into your closed heart
But in this empty room
I discovered ourselves already broken
So it hurts

But I hope you aren’t hurting as much as me
I hope for this every day, countlessly
I hope you won’t remember as much as I do
I hope you’re better than me (oh today and tomorrow)

My thoughts that were filled with you
Even those thoughts push me away as if they’re irritated
I chase after the clock hands, chase after time
But there, I discovered you leaving
I’m in a rush and you’re in a hurry to leave
Like an express train, my footsteps are rushed every day
(Surrendered to the memories)
Now we’re like an old and worn notebook filled with scribbles

I tried going into my lost memories
But now I can’t see you
I discovered ourselves already disappeared
So it hurts (it hurts so much)

One Two Three Four Five (I put it all down today)
I guess I’m forgetting (I can’t really see you)
Five Four Three Two One, I think time is up



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